The game is broken up into two key components. A variety of symbols on the board
which work as navigation around the designed space and colours, which help to dictate additional playful interactions, allowing for up to several players to play depending on the size of space.

The game is adaptive to suit different locations, spaces and players abilities, making it accessible for a wide audience, whilst also having the ability to be reversible through its layout – as demonstrated in the default design. Players may choose to roll a old physical
die to move around the space or opt for our more mobile friendly option with the use of
a digital die accessible via a QR code at the start of game. The QR code leads players to
a mini Skit site, which provides the digital die, rules and breakdown of different symbols – allowing for ease of use as they work their way around the board. 

Before the game starts, the players must choose three additional actions to correspond to the colours on the board, which they apply after making the directional move with the die. Actions might be anything from star jumps, to singing a line, doing a dance move or making a sound. Players who may be limited by mobility may play through by applying the use gestures and sounds, whilst more abled bodies might choose to apply more physical based actions either for fun or for a more physical workout. 

If you would like to host Skit for an upcoming event, organisation or community space,
we would love to hear from you and help you get setup. Once the game is ready to rumble,
a QR code with access to the digital die and a full set of rules will be provided. 

To contact us, please fill in the online form here or email
the artists
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